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Anpas Global LLC

Makers of Premium Omega 3 Products: Nurture Me, Nurture Kids & Nurture Brain

30251 Golden Lantern, Suite E #246 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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Sapna Misra, President

Sapna Misra, President

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Nurture Me's Story...

It all started with our quest to improve an existing line of products in a crowded "me-too" Fish Oil category.

Our company Anpas Global LLC, founded in March 2008, started as a supplier of supplement raw materials. Within 2 years, we entered the Omega-3 raw material space selling the highest concentration of Omega-3 DHA and EPA from Japan to supplement companies in North America. Most Scientists and Product Research Specialists, who tested our oils, confirmed that our highest concentration Omega-3 DHA and EPA Oils were ‘Gold Standard’ but none of these companies purchased our high quality raw materials since they were busy formulating with medium concentrate, low priced fish oils.
The high quality of our concentrated DHA oil was further proven when we received a call from Endocrinology Research Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, Hershey's Medical Center saying they wanted to use our DHA oil to emulate a mice-study that was done by our oil manufacturer in Japan. The study used high DHA Oil to shrink breast tumors in mice. That's when we truly realized the significance of high quality fish oils and thought, what if we used these ‘Gold Standard’ high concentration fish oils to formulate our own line of products?
Prior to product development we conducted a market survey on moms and mom-to-be's at a local Babies R Us store. Armed with information and feedback from the wise moms we surveyed we decided to launch the highest concentration, tiniest pill size Omega-3 DHA for Maternal Health.  Ironically, from conception to market delivery our maternal health product, ‘Nurture Me’ took 9 months to enter this world. 

Thus began Nurture Me's story...