Nurture Brain DHA Supplements gave me Lab Tested, Proven Results

"Nurture Brain Omega-3 DHA supplements have increased my Omega- Index and decreased my Trans fats in less than 6 months.

Last year I was looking for a quality Omega 3 supplement to add to my daily diet. I wanted to increase my Omega-3 levels to stave off Strokes, Heart Disease and Macular Degeneration, all of which run in my family history.

Before starting my Omega- regime, I decided to do a blood test to check myOmega-3 levels. The results showed that my Omega-3 Index was very low at 3.21%,a sign of imbalance between Omega-6 (Pro inflammation) and Omega- (LowersInflammation). That's when I began my Omega-intake with Nurture Brain DHA supplements. These softgels are easy to swallow, and they have no after taste. It’s important to know the daily number of softgels you take depends on several factors like age, weight, and overall health.

At first, I started with 2softgels but in a few months I increased it to 4 softgels a day because I’m a 69 years old, active large male. In November of 2019 when I retook the blood test my Omega-3 index had increased to 6.49% and my trans-fat index decreased from 0.75% to 0.62%.

Happy with the results, I continued to take the Omega-3s for another 2 months before going in for my 3rd blood test in January 2020. The 3rd report showed a consistent decline in my trans-fat index and a stable increase in my Omega-3 index. See attached reports. I am happy to report these positive results while continuing to eat a healthy diet and taking my Nurture Brain DHA Supplements.

It's hard to know if a supplement is truly working so after seeing the positive health reports through multiple blood tests, I can safely say that Nurture Brain DHA is a quality Omega-3 and I highly recommend it!"

Steve B, Verified Customer

Great Product!

"I am very pleased with this supplement. I've been looking for a good quality omega for my family and my patients for a while. This product meets the criteria I'm looking for. It is free of contaminants and tested by a third party. Also, there is no fishy taste , which means this product is not oxidized, so it will work. Of course, It is very easy to swallow, since it has a very small size, but still contains very high dose of DHA. I will recommend this product to my patients."

Dr. Rahmani, Verified Customer

This product is wonderful

"This product is wonderful! Nurture Me has taken the needs and concerns of the consumer into careful consideration, and that's clear. As a dietitian, it is
easy for me to recommend this product because of the small size of the softgel and the incredible quality of this product. What I like in particular about this product, after having tried it myself, is that I did not experience a lingering fishy taste or unpleasant burping of fish taste afterwards like I have with other fish oil-derived supplements. I would strongly recommend this product as a safe and trusted way for women to supplement their DHA/EPA intake in preparation for, during, and after pregnancy."

Lauren Cornell, Dietitian and Nutritionist

Focusing on simple tasks was like solving complex mathematical problems

"I’m so excited to find Nurture Brain. It’s an ideal Brain Health support supplement for a person like me who is a teacher and owns a business. I feel exhausted from dealing with students, solving mathematical and science problems and being on the run all day. I wanted a good supplement that enhances my brain health.

I read that Omega DHA supplements are very beneficial for brain health . I was always hesitant to take them because of the large pill size and fish odor. Nurture Brain has a small soft gel size and no odor. I love it!"

Sheeza Zuberi, Verified Customer

Beyond my expectations!

"It went beyond my expectations! I loved them. Easy to swallow, no taste, and packaging was good at keeping them fresh. Had my mind = focused for once! Wonderful stuff."

Joannee, Verified Customer

It’s not too big and easy to swallow

"I have tried so many brands of Omega oil for my daughter and this is the only one that she will take. It has no aftertaste, it’s not too big and easy to swallow. I’ve read that Omega oil with DHA has positive effects with children that have ADHD. This is why I bought it and receive it each month. I notice a change with her mood and focus since she’s been taking it for the past 4 months."

Julia, Verified Customer